04-28-2015 09:29 PM
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  1. toy4x's Avatar
    Samsung Galaxy S®6 64GB in Gold Platinum
    "Your order is currently being processed. Please check back later.

    There's finally some movement!! Should see it soon!
    04-23-2015 01:37 AM
  2. Bodzm's Avatar
    The gold looks like platinum rather than gold, and then looks like chrome in direct light-- very reflective, quite 'blingy.'
    Black is cool but unless it's the edge, it looks just like an S4/S5. Really.

    I'm waiting for green emerald. Hurry up!!
    04-23-2015 03:32 AM
  3. happy2000hk's Avatar
    I've had the gold now for about 10 days and its a great color. Its only reflective if u look for it, I don't notice it in real life usage.
    jschu22, STARGATE and Inders99 like this.
    04-23-2015 07:20 AM
  4. STARGATE's Avatar
    My Sprint GS6 Edge 64GB Gold Platinum arrived home yesterday afternoon.
    So far I still think I made the right choice.

    Sent From the Gold Platinum Galaxy S6 Edge
    04-28-2015 09:29 PM
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