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    Hi folks - love my Verizon S6 (white)...one quick question which might be more of an app question than an S6 one, but I'm sure some folks on here might know the answer..can't find it online. I use Here Drive for Navigation. It had a UK low quality voice by default. I downloaded the US Male Hi-quality voice. I'm wondering where I can delete the other UK voice file that I won't need and want on my phone. Within the App settings, it doesn't let me delete it. There must be some file in the folders...new to Android...so a bit at a loss. Any Help is appreciated.

    Love the screen, love the camera, love the audio....and am also very happy with the battery life that I'm getting, coming from the Samsung Ativ SE (windows phone).

    thanks much for any info on the above!
    04-12-2015 06:21 PM

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