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    Okay. I have a love and hate relationship with screen protectors. I loathe the installation process but at the same time, can't stand with the phone being bruised even for a day. Now that I have Samsung Galaxy S6, while it has obviously gorilla corning 4 glass screen, can't seem to settle without having sort of protection on top of it. I've purchased 4 different packs of screen protectors, Skinomi, IQShield ,Supershieldz and Spigen.

    I've tried applying Spigen first ( love at first sight) had their cases on almost every devices I have in my home. It was like courtship, it took hours for me to install got frustrated of the waiting game, had problem with back protector and so have decided to resign my faith and move on to the next which is the IQShield LiquidSkin S6 screen protector. Unlike Spigen which is a dry install, IQShield is a wet install type of film. Ironically, one that I've always avoided but since they're on sale I've decided to get one plus they have really nice reviews. So it was kind of tough love, imagine the sweats I have to shed literally to get this done. Really, it's not difficult as you imagine (got tiny weeny bubbles and blurry screen initially) but because I have OCD tendencies, it took me like forever to put it on the screen. And the final result was great. I dropped my phone face down, luckily it landed on the carpet and the newly covered film for a moment has become the knight in shining armor. I have no complaints. It was all good. I still have two spares of screen protector here yet to try but I'm in no hurry. IQShield is clear, smooth and durable. Though not the best nor perfect by itself, this film looks like a match made in heaven for the S6. If my marketing prowess serves me right, this post should get you thinking.

    Here it is my love for now.. Of course this won't protect the phone from unusual impact caused by dropping but if you're looking to keep your screen clear from smudges and scratch, this should do it.
    Love Affair with the S6 Screen Protectors-615lvs-c2gl._sl1000_.jpg
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    04-15-2015 11:10 AM

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