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    I received a call while listening to music with the headphones.. music went silent for the incoming call, but no ringtone. I assume the ringtone was coming from the phone's speaker and not the headphone's. I then unplugged the headphones and still heard nothing. Making calls with headphones in works though.

    I also created similar scenario by going to the sound options while listening to music on the headphones, and changed the notification sound bar. It was audible on both headphones and phone, but silenced my music even tho it was continuing to play (silently). I then changed the system sound, and then pressed play on the music and it worked again. Would love to know if others are experiencing this problem and if this problem will get fixed.

    I would love more sound options for this phone. The notifications while music is playing makes a huge pause before and after the notification, and that also annoys me.

    04-21-2015 10:07 PM

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