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    Let me kick things off by saying once again Samsung has given everyone a few new awesome devices to discuss and toss under the microscope! We always look forward to this along with the same flagship device releases from other top OEMs.

    However, far too often in the normal process of debates, discussion and helping others things can sometimes get out of control in the threads. The moderator team likes to refer to this as bickering, personal insulting/attacks, disruptive posting or a word more are familiar with TROLLING. The Mod team always does its best to stay out of discussion and allow everything to unfold without direction. Unfortunately members can get very protective over their thoughts and experience with a device and often it leads to trouble in the threads. Now in a perfect world these situations would be avoided and nobody would entertain or respond to such posts and report the post to the Mod team. But, this isn't a perfect world and when this type of activity happens its those genuinely looking for help or researching a product to purchase that ultimately suffer having to sift through these types of posts. Often they end up leaving the forum in search of a friendlier place to find their answers. In that regards we have failed as a community.

    So I hope this post sets the tone for better days ahead in the Galaxy S6 forums along with the rest of Android Central's community. The Moderator team doesn't take any enjoyment in using the infraction system to handle issues but if members persist to act inappropriately in the forums they will take the action necessary to clean up the problem. Far too often our in threads warnings and pleas for civil discussion goes ignored and if that continues then were left with taking care of things to make the forums a pleasant place for majority.

    Thank you.

    Mod Team Leader @ AC.
    04-22-2015 11:02 AM
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    Well said!
    ihsanmert and Floral like this.
    04-22-2015 11:40 AM

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