04-24-2015 11:53 AM
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    This might sound silly, but wouldn't a factory reset just put it back to the same state it was in when it came out of the box? Or does that process somehow undo some of the crap that the carrier put on there or something?
    Good question...
    04-22-2015 06:25 PM
  2. chezm's Avatar
    This might sound silly, but wouldn't a factory reset just put it back to the same state it was in when it came out of the box? Or does that process somehow undo some of the crap that the carrier put on there or something?
    To an extent. Out of the box there are missing software os updates, so if you factory reset now it will reset with those installed os updates which may help correct some initial setup or configurations discovered after shipments? Just a guess

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    04-22-2015 06:49 PM
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    M9 battery and camera worse than the GS6. It's also slower than the GS6.

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    Camera yes, battery and speed don't think so. I have had the M9 2 weeks now and had the S6 for eight days before returning it. I gave the S6 a chance but it just didn't perform the way a flagship phone should. It still has lag, battery could not make it all day and I don't have the option of charging during the day. Plus with the glass on front and back it just felt like a toy to hold. I had both phones side by side for eight days and the S6 just couldn't hold up to the M9.

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    04-22-2015 08:26 PM
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    I was about to turn in my Verizon S6 also and I called and talked to a Verizon/Samsung expert (at any place that sells the phone) and got a lot of tips. The BIGGEST thing is that my phone was factory set to Global network mode which makes it thrash inside the USA looking for the other types of signals. When I set it to LTE/CDMA much of my battery issues went away. Also, I turned on Power Save mode, which is under a different icon than in the past and I couldn't find it on the S6. Look under the pencil icon when you pull down the top status bar. This is my 5th Android phone and I thought I could do it alone. I was wrong. The S6 is a different breed.

    The "expert" gave me a lot of little tips and tricks like turning off all the things you are not actively using, Wi-Fi, GPS, BlueTooth. I'm not having battery problems now. I hope this helps you also and if not, talk to an expert before you decide.

    Thanks. Mine was set to Global too. Hopefully it helps.
    04-22-2015 08:51 PM
  5. Alex_NJ's Avatar
    04-23-2015 05:14 PM
  6. Ntchwaidumela's Avatar
    Long time reader, first time poster here, so go easy on me, lol.

    Just got a GS6 this past Sunday to replace my S5 (which was all but bricked by the Lollipop update)

    I set the S6 up exactly like the S5 was (including a lower screen brightness and such), but so far, the battery is killing me. With only very light use today, the battery is already down 38% since 8am this morning. (yes, I got the Samsung push update, and no, I hardly ever stream music or videos) I've already disabled all the usual suspects, plus more, for a total of 35 disabled apps/services, but I'm more than a bit frustrated at the moment.

    So, I'm considering returning it and swapping it for a diff. phone, but which one? The Nexus 6 looks intriguing, but does its bigger battery actually help? OR should I look at the HTC M9?

    You may want to wait a few days and check out the LG G4. Looks like a winner.
    04-23-2015 05:33 PM
  7. worldspy99's Avatar
    Note 4?
    Xperia Z3?
    OnePlus One?
    These all have stellar battery life.
    04-23-2015 06:16 PM
  8. Phoenix212's Avatar
    TLDR entire thread but, if you are on Verizon, the Droid Turbo has stellar battery life. I use mine daily with corporate and personal email, social media, watching videos, etc. mostly on 4G and not wifi. I routinely get 36+ hours of battery life and on days where I am heavily using it, 24 hours of battery.

    Turbo is on KitKat and will be skipping right to 5.1 (at some point). Same processor as Nexus 6, smaller screen but better pixel density, and an absolutely killer battery. If you're on VZW, you could do a lot worse than the Turbo.
    04-24-2015 11:53 AM
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