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    I was thinking before I disconnect and get ready to sleep about the people that even when have done most of the tweaks and have wiped cache and Factory reset it and still have some drain issues, something must be in common every time with every reset, a rogue app or what has been the cause of issues before, widgets.

    So If you have tried everything, then you can try something else, are you using the default weather widget? If so, just look for anything that begins with weather in the applications manager and clear cache and data of that app, then remove the widget.

    I don't have it, I disabled it and removed the widget as soon as I got the phone as I just use another weather app, but if Samsung is still using the same old Accuweather app behind it, man that app can be buggy as hell and it won't be the first time it causes drain issues.

    Again, just trying some different approach as at this point you won't lose anything trying new stuff. Let us know if you do it and if by any chance it works.
    04-22-2015 08:49 PM
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    I've just done a factory reset and now charging
    I hope the standby drain is fixed. Tomorrow will be the test

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    04-22-2015 10:10 PM
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    Is there an app besides GSMBattery that can tell you specifically what is draining battery?
    04-22-2015 10:19 PM
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    I've just done a factory reset and now charging
    I hope the standby drain is fixed. Tomorrow will be the test

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    But will you disable the weather widget which is the subject of this thread?

    Interesting thread OP, I also disabled the accuweather widget because I use Beautiful Widgets and I'm getting 5 to 6 hours sot and that is with location turned on and WiFi almost 100 percent of the time. I thought I was lucky but maybe you're on to something.
    04-22-2015 10:19 PM
  5. syspry's Avatar
    Weather widgets have been notorious battery munchers since their inception, I stopped using them the day Google Now went live. I don't need to see the weather every single time I see my homescreen. It's not a hassle to just type in "[city name] weather" in Gnow occasionally and the card in the result is pretty detailed. And after you do it a couple of times, Gnow remembers your search and wil autofill therest of the type box after you type around the first 3 letters of your city name, saving you even more time. You don't even need to have location services enabled to do that. The problem with most weather widgets is that not only do they require location services on for best accuracy but they're also pinging at intervals on top of that. The closer the interval, the more it's pinging the server. Plus just the added resources of another widget itself on your screen.

    The flipside to this is that many people, understandably so, will argue that they shouldn't have to go without smart features on a smart phone. While I agree, until battery technology improves that actually makes this work better, the cold reality is that if you want to use your phone this way you must be willing to accept that your phone is going to require frequent charging. I've owned and used a ton of smart phones over the years, and have yet to see a single one of them that will go from early morning to late evening with GPS, autosync, heavy widgets and all the other bells and whistles all running AND get exceptional battery life with medium use and up. To be clear on that, my idea of exceptional battery life is waking up the next morning at around 30-40% after a full previous day of use.
    If anyone wishes to respond to me that they're getting that with all that other stuff running, I guess I'll just say your idea of medium use and up differs drastically from mine and leave it at that.

    I've pretty much come to terms with not running all those "smart' features 24/7 because I use my phone too often to make my battery life exceptional if I do. GPS isn't always on, I pretty much keep auto sync off permanently because I'm not in a business or lifestyle that requires my gmail and other notifications in real-time. Don't use bluetooth devices or NFC. I also used to be a widget lover in the early days but over the years I realized I really never got much use out of them other than a clock or music widget. Now I just start the app itself if I feel like checking my calender or reading news feeds. I usually ended up clicking into them from the widget anyway. I suppose if I worked in an office with a plug beside me all day I might run more features, but that's not my case.
    04-23-2015 08:53 AM

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