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    Here goes...my S5, on AT&T, started having issues with text messages. I would send my wife a pic of our boys and it would take days...yes days for her to receive it (she has an iPhone 6+). Others were also having issues receiving my texts and vice versa. I was fed up so I got an iPhone 6. Then I heard Android put out an update and was hoping it resolved the text issues (it seemed to me my texting woes started about the time lollipop came out). So I took the iPhone 6 back and got the S6. My first one had a bad battery, my current phone has no battery issues at all...however...trying to send text messages is awful!
    Almost everyone I text has an iPhone. What happens is I will send a group text and in return I will individual texts back (not on the group string) or I will only see 1 persons response on the group string and nothing from the others (the others on the group string can see their responses, I can not), or I simply do not get any of their responses. I have contacted AT&T tech support, gone to the store and contacted Samsung. AT&T tech support went through my account & setting, had me restart my phone. The store changed my SIM card, made sure I was not registered with iMessage and then say, yes you are having problems but they will fix it...I ask who will fix it and what are they going to fix? Samsung support (if you want to call it that) had me restart my phone (very helpful...not). I had others delete the threads and start new ones, didn't help. I really want to keep this phone...I have really tried to have patience but I'm ready to take it back and make the switch to an iPhone. While I don't particularly like them, I have never had any issues like this while using one before.

    Does anyone know how to rectify this? Other than asking over 100 of my contacts to go into their iPhones and start checking their settings...please tell me there is a way to solve this!

    04-23-2015 11:58 AM
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    I've literally gone through this a dozen times switching my sim between my iPhone and Android.

    Most of the time if I deleted the group thread, then sent individual texts to everyone else telling them to delete it, then when I had confirmation everyone had deleted it I restarted the thread and everything was fine. However, the last time it didn't work! Like you I was only seeing texts from one person (it's usually the person listed first in the thread). I tried about 4 or 5 times. I think my family was ready to kill me because I kept making them delete the thread!

    Finally I got it working. I had everyone delete as usual (make sure you delete first) but then I restarted my phone and had somebody else start the group thread and it worked! I decided that from now on when I use my iPhone I'm NOT turning on iMessage under any circumstances! I don't understand why group messages are such a problem.

    Did you remember to turn off FaceTime on all your devices too? (IPhone, iPads, etc). Keep trying-- eventually you'll get it to work. Good luck!

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    04-23-2015 10:20 PM

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