1. Zack Raslan's Avatar
    I have a galaxy s6 stock everything and the lock screen is really bugging me. I don't like how the song you're playing shows up as a notification instead of having a full screen player widget like iPhones. Is there any way to get this show it shows full screen album artwork as well as volume controls with music apps such as the default music player or Spotify. Also on apps like mlb at bat I can't even pause the sound. It would really be helpful if I could fix this I'm even willing to switch to a different locker or launcher if necessary. Any help is appreciated thanks
    04-27-2015 03:14 AM
  2. Erm10's Avatar
    Sorry I can't help but just wanted to say that I am looking for answer as well.

    My S3 could do full screen album art from the stock media player or any streaming service like Spotify or Pandora so defnitely missing that.
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    04-27-2015 08:01 AM
  3. smooth4lyfe's Avatar
    Yeah, My S4 did the full screen thing, but I think it changed with Lollipop
    Try downloading this music player caller PowerAmp...I think it has an option for full screen player on the lockscreen
    04-27-2015 10:19 AM
  4. RyanG220's Avatar
    This would be sweet to have on the S6. My M8 (with lollipop) had the full screen album artwork and was much easier to navigate from the lock screen. I usually have to tap the "next" button on the S6 three of four times before it does what I want. Maybe I just don't have good aim?
    04-27-2015 11:34 AM
  5. sam00's Avatar
    PowerAmp has full screen album art.
    04-27-2015 06:06 PM
  6. jamesmartin88's Avatar
    This is really bugging me.

    I had a Galaxy S4, then iPhone 5 which both supported full screen album artwork on the lock screen. It's all good downloading PowerAmp, but I use Spotify and pay for it monthly as I need it for work. And I don't want to have to buy something like PowerAmp when I already pay for Spotify. This is something that Android and Spotify need to address as what's the point of having a large screen when it appears as a small widget on the lock screen?
    06-01-2015 01:32 PM

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