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    Hi, I have been hanging on to my note 2 for over two years now. I really hate my current carrier and was planning on switching to Verizon when the note 4 came out but just couldn't justify Verizon prices when my note 2 still worked well. I love the note series, the s pen and the big size. My note 2 is getting to the point of being unusable and I'm tired of doing factory resets. My girlfriend recently broke her phone and wants to get the s6. If we join Verizon together on a share everything plan it is much more affordable than if we do it separately. They are offering each of us $100 to switch and another $100 if we get the s6 or newest droid phone. This drops the s6 to basically $399 on edge and no contact. I know I'm going to want the note 5 when it comes out and I feel the note 4 isn't very new anymore. I was thinking the s6 would hold better resale value for me when the note 5 is released. I would just have to learn to live with the smaller screen until I can get the note 5. Do you think this would work or be a stupid idea. Would I be able to get more for the s6 or note 4 in a few months? Thanks for listening.

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    04-28-2015 06:01 PM

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