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    I am think of upgrading my phone form LG G2 to S5 or S6. can anyone tell me if you have this proble. When using the bluetooth do you have sound coming out from bluetooth and from phone speakers for incoming calls and notification? if not what type of bluetooth are you using.
    05-08-2015 07:14 AM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    This post was in "Ask a question" when I clicked on it. Even thought it's moved to the GS6, I'll post my recent bluetooth experience with my 2013 Moto X as part of it may apply since some of it is related to the headset.

    I just grabbed a Plantronics Voyager Legend headset. When I connected it, it prompted me to allow the device access to my contacts, I allowed it. The Moto X has an app called Moto Assist that does call announcement when driving or at home (if the proper boxes are ticked). With the headset connected, the announcement comes through that, rather than through the speaker as it does when the phone is not connected (or when I had my old Voyager 510 connected). In fact, I think the headset's capabilities actually DISABLE the Moto capabilities as it relates to call announcement. Also, it auto-answers the call if you put the headset on while the phone is ringing and allows you to verbally answer a call (say "answer") if you have the headset on already.
    05-08-2015 08:05 AM

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