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    I have a Galaxy S6, I received an email from a friend of mine that had three videos attached to it. The videos were in MP4 format. I clicked on the video and it began to download it. When I clicked on the status it would show me it was downloading it but did not indicate a destination folder. Once the download was complete it popped up and played the video and then disappeared. I went to play it again but was unable to find it anywhere. I checked in my gallery, I checked in my downloads, I checked in my folders on my phone and went to the videos folder, the download folder the email folder everywhere and they aren't anywhere to be found. I contacted Samsung customer support, they took control of my device remotely and still were unable to find them. That went on for over 40 minutes, I had to go connected again with Samsung via chat and wasted another 40 minutes with no answers, this technician told me to check my SD car, ummm the S6 doesn't come with external storage, and you're the professional here? That's why I HAVE COME HERE HOPEFULLY SOMEONE HERE WILL NOW WHERE THESE FILES WENT, DEPSERATELY LOOKING FOR ANSWERS/
    05-08-2015 11:32 AM

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