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    I just got a new S6 moving over from a blackberry and the difference in the email productivity is killing me.
    I am using the outlook app now for my IMAP and outlook accounts which seems to be the best option. But I cannot find the settings to sync it with my accounts on my laptop? It shows messages as read but will not delete them when I do it on the phone.

    Also is there any way to sort the messages from the IMAP account and the outlook? They don't look any different in the inbox.

    I am really missing my blackberry LED notifications - is there any way to have just a LED notification without a sound on this phone? I can't find the settings for LED at all anywhere. I want LED notifications only for email, facebook, twitter and instagram - and I want sound and LED for calls and texts, including BBM - and I want them all in different colours if possible

    Last my google calendar won't sync either - I have it all in the phone but I can't see it on the laptop - and my facebook calendar is on the google calendar online but not on the phone.

    Sorry that is more than one question but this is killing me and I'm really trying to stop myself from returning this thing!
    05-08-2015 12:03 PM

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