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    So I love my S6, but there are a couple of weird compromises that I cannot seem to get around. First, when I leave Power Saving on (just the normal, not the Ultra), the lock screen stays lit for only 2 or 3 seconds, often times not enough time to read my fingerprint. Yet I have been unable to find a way to extend the lock screen time other than to turn off Power Saving. Am I missing something?

    Related, I have an app lock that I use (FingerSecurity, very good btw), so I was going to just turn my lock screen to swipe rather than fingerprint since I can just lock down the specific apps about which I'm worried. However, when you have swipe lock screen security (i.e. no security), for some reason it disables the ability to hide the content of lock screen notifications. This means that any texts or emails (etc) I get are fully (or mostly) readable by anyone that has my phone, defeating the purpose of the app lock. But the only other option I have would be to turn off the notification altogether for those apps, including notification bar.

    Ideally, I would set up swipe security (no security), power saving, app lock, and hide notification content but Sammy or Google for some reason seems to make that impossible. Am I missing something on any of this?

    Thanks in advance. BTW, I am posting this on the other S6 board since it is not specific to this handset versus the other.
    05-08-2015 01:11 PM

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