05-11-2015 10:19 PM
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  1. racedog's Avatar
    Yeah, are you using ultra power saving mode?

    Why am I only getting 2.75 hours?

    Posted via the Android Central App on the Galaxy S6.
    If you check the screenshot you'll see that No power saving is turned on. As to why you only get 2.75 hours, well, don't know I can only tell you (and provide proof) what sot I'm getting.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-09-2015 10:21 PM
  2. getbretweir's Avatar
    If the optimization is done well, a smaller battery can function in a manner comparable manner or, in some cases, exceed them.
    isn't that the truth. that's why I pay little attention to specs, too often they just don't correlate to real life usage.

    i know Samsung swaps out the battery for only $45, something I'd definitely do should I decide to get the S6. with quick and wireless charging, it's definitely not as important to have a replaceable, but I can't say I'm not disappointed with it being below 3000, especially since, as u stated, they could've fixed the camera hump. would've made room for an extra 400+ mAh.

    I understand why they did it though, and since we have so much choice, I'm glad they did ... the last month the black edge hypnotized me, gorgeous phone. but I'm really liking the white, and it'd be nice getting an electronic that's not black for once

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-09-2015 10:53 PM
  3. Stang68's Avatar
    I am really enjoying the S6...loving the camera, the speed, the screen, and the build. Touchwiz has not been bad at all, much better than previous versions.

    I do have to say, and this may be a Lollipop issue, but the phone does slow down after a few days without rebooting. Apps can take forever to load and will not stay in the memory of the phone. This is a reported issue with the device and Samsung has supposedly said they are working on a fix for the RAM.

    I'm really hoping any and all bugs get ironed out in the coming 5.1.1. update, and maybe even some battery life improvements!
    05-10-2015 01:39 AM
  4. neiljay6's Avatar
    Good experience for the most part. Awesome screen, Good size, good battery life, smooth ui and sexy as hell. Only one thing I would change, and that would be to make the device just a little thicker. At least the edge variant. It feels just a little too thin and with a bit more meat on its bones that would have lessened the camera hump I think.
    05-10-2015 03:47 AM
  5. anon(464338)'s Avatar
    I too was hesitant to buy. The last Samsung I had was a note 2 so I guess I haven't been in the loop for a while with Samsung but I remember that thing being lagggy and slow. I played with a note 3 and it still seemed to stutter. I then found the size of the note series to be a bit too much to deal with. That's when I found out a little more about stock android and bought a moto x. Had that then a Sony z3c for the light skin IT had. When the build quality of the S6 showed up I was pretty impressed. Buy then I'm like "no way can I deal with touch wiz again". Well last week I said screw it and bought one. So far I'm really impressed with the phone. The smoothness is what I was worried about most. And while some apps effect the scrolling speed and fluidity, this thing really zooms along. The screen, camera, ir blaster(didn't realize I'd love this so much) is awesome. The only problem I have is the home button feels loose. I'm going to exchange. The battery is definitely not the best.. But I'm always around a charger. Overall though,i like where Samsung is going and hope they continue to improve things and listen to the public. But yeah this phone overall is the best of all the new models out imo

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-10-2015 07:26 AM
  6. Gray Area's Avatar
    I've had my GS6 edge since April 8th. my impressions are that this is a masterfully made phone, with its beautifully crafted exterior, lightning fast hardware/software, solid battery(I'm getting about 5hrs screen on time per charge when in ideal conditions). The s6 edge is everything I could ask for in a phone and has all the features that I use and want (Fingerprint lock, Ir blaster, AMOLED screen, heart rate monitor, s health software, excellent fast launching camera and it just feels good in the hand!)

    With that said, it's not perfect. I have minor gripes, occasionally when I'm in a low cell reception area like when I'm fishing, my phone gets a little warm, not hot but warm because the battery is being drained at a faster rate due to low radio signal. Also, my pull down notification tray sometimes wont go back up without me swiping my fingers up and down a couple times to kinda get it to register that I'm trying to push it back up instead of scroll notifications. That's pretty much the only two issues I can think of that I have on a semi regular basis all in all I'm a 100% satisfied customer.

    Posted on my Galaxy S6 edge🔪(S is for Super) via the Android Central App
    05-10-2015 07:27 AM
  7. erasat's Avatar
    Seems as though many people are in denial about their battery life.

    Posted via the Android Central App on the Galaxy S6.
    Man, I hate when people make comments like this, if they have issues, everybody must have the same issues if not they are in denial or lying.

    Let me show you what I'm getting since day one, obviously after doing the tweaks I posted a month ago. And no, I have never turned on any Power Saving mode on this phone.

    GS6 & GS6E impressions - A Month Later-screenshot_2015-05-10-08-39-10.png GS6 & GS6E impressions - A Month Later-screenshot_2015-05-10-08-39-17.png

    Love this phone, best one I've had, it's a shame that some of you still have the battery drain bug, but I'm sure that it's a software issue that is affecting some, NOT ALL as you can see. if it's the provider, Samsung or Google's fault, I'm sure that with coming firmware updates it should be fixed.
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    05-10-2015 08:00 AM
  8. xdviper's Avatar
    I agree. Not everyone will have the same issue as usage patterns differ from person to person. Personally, I have 5 more days to decide if I want to keep this phone. Until then, wish the best for everyone.

    Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
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    05-11-2015 05:38 PM
  9. areyes163's Avatar
    Best phone I have had. It feels great. Functions great. It's not perfect. But overall I love this phone. I cannot say enough good things about it. Very impressive.
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    05-11-2015 10:19 PM
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