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    Hi all,

    Samsung GS6 is my first android phone ever - and im loving it!

    But the Smart Managers Ram section I am having a hard time figuring out. It seems that even though I don't have certain apps running on the phone they are still open and using RAMs according to smart manager. And when I close them in the manager tab they open again within a second or two.

    Facebook is one them doing that.

    What to do? I find my phone using 75% of its RAMs even when I close all tabs, apps and so forth.

    05-12-2015 02:29 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry about it,so long as you are not having any issues, I would let the phone run without any ram management. 75% used isn't a problem. Some apps will automatically pop back into memory. This is normal as well.

    Sent from my Pearly White Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
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    05-12-2015 03:30 AM

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