1. swharshbar's Avatar
    I've been a big motorola fan for years. I've had very good luck with Motorola phones. I'm coming up on an upgrade and currently have the Razr Maxx HD and have always enjoyed the big battery and never worrying if I have to plug in somewhere. My previous phone was the Razr and again was a great phone for me but lacked the battery. I was always looking for some trick or setting change to help my battery and still would need to plug in at some time.

    I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Droid Turbo or the S6 Edge. I know both phones have stellar spec's and either phone would be a good upgrade. Is there anyone who came from the turbo to the S6 and are you happy with the choice?

    Thanks for any input you can provide.
    05-12-2015 08:12 AM
  2. linebusy's Avatar
    I've gone from the RMHD to the S6. There's a couple things to mention...

    1st. I had my RMHD bone stock, without upgrades, because the newer apps (Maps is probably the biggest culprit) were crashing and draining the battery. Bone stock, I used the phone all day and still had battery the next. The S6 will not operate that way.

    2nd. I had taken the S6 off the charger Saturday morning, not returning it to a charger for 1 day 16 hours, with 30% battery remaining. I mention that just to counter the stories of horror that the phone will die in your pocket if it doesn't make it to a charger in 8 hours.

    3rd. In real-world business use yesterday I had just over 1 hour talk time, 1 hour Navigation and 1 hour screen-on time which ran the battery to 44% by mid-afternoon. At that point, I set it on the Powerbot sitting on my desk. Had I stayed on the road longer, I likely would have plugged into power in the vehicle. With the RMHD, what I did yesterday would probably have left me with closer to 60% battery. Point is, there is a difference.

    4th. RMHD was on Verizon. With the RMHD we have simultaneous Voice and Data no matter where we are. With a new phone, you only have simultaneous voice/data if your data is on wifi or if your voice is HD Voice on 4GLTE. There is a sticky at the top of this forum that will explain it a bit more. I've made the switch to AT&T for the purpose of maintaining simultaneous v/d no matter where I am. This may or may not be an issue for you, just something to keep in mind since you're leaving a phone that was about as good as was ever made for Verizon, in that v/d worked throughout all the 3g/4g areas of their network. I believe a Note model or two did the same.

    5th. (which might be a repeat of 1 but restated with the other variables mentioned) Had I updated the RMHD in the manner the S6 is, installing Facebook and Twitter and all available updates, the performance would be below the S6. The last time I used it fully updated, I failed to make it to the end of the day. So, the issue isn't just battery, but it's battery, stability and performance.
    05-12-2015 10:07 AM
  3. swharshbar's Avatar
    My RMHD is fully updated with all updates and still makes it though the day without fail. From time to time, it' lags some however and why I'm considering the upgrade to either phone. I just want the best one.. haha. I plan on keeping it 2-3 years like I have my RMHD.

    Your 4th comment, Voice/data. I actually find myself using that often. Does the turbo react the same way as the S6 for this feature? Thats a feature I'd hate to loose?

    And thanks for your reply!
    05-12-2015 10:20 AM
  4. linebusy's Avatar
    Yes, the Turbo has the same antenna configuration as the S6.

    Do you use Maps? I've had that pegged as my biggest problem-application. If you're not failing, I wonder if you use it?

    On the voice/data thing, you have to know your own habits to know if it's an issue or not. If you're constantly on wi-fi, it's a non-issue. If you are perpetually in solid 4G LTE areas and can turn on HD Voice, you're not going to have a problem. If you're in areas where you drop from 4g to 3g simply by walking in a building, you may have problems.
    05-12-2015 10:33 AM
  5. swharshbar's Avatar
    I use maps, but not very often. Only when I get lost somewhere.. or looking up a specific location. The VoIP thing though could be an issue. At work, I have great 4g LTE signal but at home, it's a mix of 3g/4g depending on the day.
    05-12-2015 10:40 AM
  6. jamielov's Avatar
    I came from Turbo to S6. Well actually, downgraded back to the MAXX to hold me over until I got the s6. Main thing I wanted was a working camera that could capture something other than an object completely still more than 1 out of every 32 shots. My god this camera is amazing. Always give and takes in life, and the battery obviously not as good. But quick charging and a mohpie battery case when I am going to be away from any charging for some time and problems solved. no regrets. I wanted to love the turbo, and I guess I was so loyal and blinded from always using motorola...man I was missing out.
    05-12-2015 10:57 AM
  7. swharshbar's Avatar
    Anyone else make the switch from the Turbo to the S6 have input?

    05-14-2015 11:19 AM

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