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    Hey just got my 5th s6 replacement due to dead pixels, loose home buttons etc. This 5th one which I thought was perfect and seemed perfect in store. Most likely due to the lighting in store did not see the yellowish screen. Anyways got home and while setting up I realised from the left side of the display about 70% of the screen had a yellow tint. I've been on xda etc and many have the pink tint but I can't see the pink unless they yellow side of my screen is fine and only seems yellow because the right side is pink lol but I dont think that's it. Anyways I'm passed my 14 day return period and as I feared while getting all those replacements that I may at the end, end up with a even worse issue. If given the choice I would take a slight scratch or even a slightly rattling button over a non perfect screen. If the screen was uniformly yellow or pink or whatever I don't think I would care but as it's not and considering everything is white nowadays it's very easy to see once you see it. My question was could this yellowish tint be due to the adhesive used and will disappear after a while once the glue is cured ie dried up. I've been reading about this yellowish tints etc on other devices that had this issue like the iPhone, one plus etc and some in those threads that after a while there's had disappeared and that the yellowish parts were basically because the glue had yet to dry as they were not given enough time to cure before being shipped. Some say using UV light or leaving it in the sun will speed the curing process.Just wondering what your thoughts are on this. Plan to go back to the store and see what I can do.

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    05-20-2015 05:44 AM

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