1. jlcame's Avatar
    Hi all!
    I know this site doesn't have a connection to Samsung itself, but maybe someone here knows something about this model, like the real release date?
    I'm really a Samsung fan and i really like the S6, not the Edge one tough, i don't see the practical on it.
    But i very much like the upcoming S6 Active, but there's scarce information on its release date or if it will even come out for real. I also do really need a new phone, i have the cheapest Alcatel phone money can buy, and i miss a smartphone so much! But i don't want to spend on the S6 when i know there will be a rugged S6, perfect for my job at sea. It's been so long and im fighting the urge to get the normal S6, i have the money saved for the Active, but i do really need a smartphone, one that i do like.
    Can anyone help me on this? Is it worth waiting? How long until i come out, if anyone knows?
    Thank you.
    05-21-2015 07:48 PM
  2. jcp007's Avatar
    Depends how much the swappable battery and sd card slot are to you as well the lack of premium materials with actual physical buttons. It is also an AT&T exclusive in the US.

    There is also a thread in the Rumored Devices forum on this site.
    05-22-2015 05:44 AM

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