1. Bryan Mellberg's Avatar

    i had a GS4 and was able to use the hotspot while simultaneously talking on the phone. Now that i have the GS6 i found that i cannot do this any more. is this a flaw in the GS6 or is did something change on my cell plan or something? Can any one else do this? it is a verizon phone

    thank you
    05-28-2015 06:21 PM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    Verizon cannot do this unless you enable Advanced Called 1.0 on your account. This makes the phone use VoLTE in order to have voice & data at the same time.
    05-29-2015 12:14 AM
  3. Bryan Mellberg's Avatar
    THank you for the help! i will see about getting that feature
    05-29-2015 06:31 AM

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