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    I have a GS6 with 8.a or Telkom Mobile South Africa. I went into my carriers retail store to ask them why I cannot receive an LTE connection at all and after a rather long conversation,I found that my carrier uses the 2300mhz frequency or LTE band 40 which the GS6 does not support.

    Why does the device not support this band and is it possible to enable it on the device? I have had a bit of searching and came across this article which shows how to do it mainly on a GS5, but im not sure if it would apply to the GS6.

    Please help
    05-30-2015 06:39 AM
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    Smartphones come set with specific bands based on where in the world they are intended to be used. Generally the suffix letter in the model such as SM-G920A,T,I, etc indicates which bands are activated. When buying a phone thru a local carrier this is usually not an issue but buying online/3rd party you need to know if the band supported by your carrier is activated. Whether you can modify the phone to open the necessary band I don't know. However, I never heard that it could be done.

    FYI - None of the models of S6 listed on gmsarena show a band 40.

    Samsung Galaxy S6 - Full phone specifications
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    05-30-2015 04:56 PM

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