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    I've searched and searched and finally gave up. I've found similar info, but nothing that really addresses my question so I've decided to post. If it's already out there, I'm sorry.

    Here's my situation. When I had my S4 I would plug it in and sync it to my backup hard drives. It would mount on my computer as a drive (not a media device) and I could tell the sync program to basically copy the drive. I understand that only MTP and PTP are supported now. My question is, can I still do this with some type of workaround. What I loved about having the exact copy is that the file structure was the same. I would just plug the phone in and hit sync. Everything was copied. Another way I would do this was to remove the SD card and plug it into my computer. The sync software would see it as a drive as well.

    I know some will say, use Smart Switch or a backup program. My issue with that is they either save to the internal storage or the cloud so I'm having to copy the file over to the drive after the backup (which takes twice as long). ALSO, anything that is filed under Private Mode is not copied on any of the backup programs that I've tried. Smart Switch doesn't touch anything in the private section which is probably the stuff I want backed up the most. I could have this wrong, but I tried to use the software with private mode enabled and the files were no where in the backup folder.

    I've also tried to manually drag the files over, but it takes forever waiting on the computer to calculate the move, and I have to compare what I've deleted/moved versus what's new/existing.

    The problem is that I'm using a sync software that has to see the target as a folder, drive, or network location (Allway Sync). I've tried using a WIFI explorer, but it doesn't allow me to grab the root. That ends up meaning I have to go folder by folder which also takes forever.

    Is there a workaround anybody's found that would allow me to mount the phone as a drive and sync it to my computer.
    06-07-2015 08:22 PM
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    You will more than likely not be able to move those Private Mode files because they are encrypted on the phone. I would imagine if you moved them over they will become corrupted. The whole point of Private Mode is to protect your data from being stolen.

    As far as backing up the file structure, what exactly are you backing up? Photos and Music? App Data? Why not just back them up to your Google Drive wirelessly?
    06-11-2015 08:23 AM

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