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    Each week, I’ll attempt to highlight an app that is new to me, even if it’s not actually new.

    BioFanatic's Weekly App Review: "Screen Notifications"-screennotificationsicon.png
    Screen Notifications
    By: Luke Korth

    Category: Tools
    Audience: Everyone

    Description: This app will turn your screen on when you get notifications, which is a function that many Android phones currently lack. You can select the apps that turn on your screen, if you’d prefer to not have every notification light up. This is super handy for text messages, emails, etc., when you have your phone sitting on your desk or bedside, etc. You no longer need to wake up the screen to see the message. You can even set a “quiet time” to turn this functionality off for set times. I use that for night hours so it doesn’t light up my bedroom when sleeping.

    This app is extremely straightforward, not complicated, and works great. For those wondering about battery, it doesn't even show up on my battery stats. The only battery usage will be that ~10 seconds of screen time, basically nothing.

    Usage Tip: I recommend NOT using the “device admin” setting, which allows you to shorten the screen timeout time after these notifications. This is because it will turn the screen off after that time, even if you’re interacting with the device. I leave it off and the screen goes off after 5-10 seconds, as it would normally if I woke the phone up without unlocking.

    BioFanatic's Weekly App Review: "Screen Notifications"-screennotifimages.png
    (Screenshots are directly from the Google Play Store listing)

    Price and Value: FREE, works as advertised. Only IAP appears to be for donation to developer (and you should consider donating if you like it) , no features that need to be purchased (from what I can see).

    “Device ID and call info” in order to “read phone status and identity.” This is simply to recognize notifications, I believe.
    “Other” in order to “prevent phone from sleeping and expand/collapse status bar.”

    These seem to be legitimately necessary for functionality, nothing excessive.

    Find it on Google Play:

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    Looks like a helpful app, thanks!
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