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    Each week, I’ll attempt to highlight an app that is new to me, even if it’s not actually new.

    mysms SMS Text Messaging
    By: mysms

    BF's Weekly App: mysms SMS Text Messaging-screenshot_2015-06-20-22-40-56.png

    Category: Texting App, SMS, MMS, device message syncing
    Audience: Everyone

    Description: Let me be straight up with you: this is the best text messaging app for Android. Okay, that’s simply my opinion, but I stand by it and I’ve tried numerous messaging app options over the years. Not only does this have tons of features and customization, but you get a fully functional app for free. There is a premium option for advanced features, but it’s certainly not required to use this. I am still using the free version and it’s great (and no ads or anything).

    What sets it apart: This does more than handling messaging from your phone; this app has app counterparts for your tablet (Android, iOS, Windows8) and your computer (Windows, Chrome, MacOS) and syncs your messages including SMS across everything… and fairly flawlessly in my experience.

    How does it work? As long as you have this installed on your phone, you’re ready to set up extra devices. Everything is synced through the cloud and SMS messages from your non-phone device will use your phone to send the actual SMS message.

    My current setup: I have the app installed on my phone (Galaxy S6) as my default messaging app, I have the tablet app installed on my tablet (Tab S 8.4”) and I have the Windows app installed on my Windows 8 laptop (with the app pinned to my taskbar).

    When messaging from my tablet, it’s the same as my phone. I get notifications as usual, and it functions in an identical manner.

    When messaging from my laptop, I have Windows set to allow notifications, which pops up the little heads up notification on my laptop screen. The app looks like it does on my phone and tablet and I message as expected, using my full keyboard. If I’m having a longer conversation while on my laptop, I’ll actually pin the app on the right quarter of my screen and I’m able to multitask without flipping through windows or Chrome tabs.

    How well does everything sync? It syncs all devices VERY well. I get notifications on my devices within a second or two of each other. My favourite part is that once you’ve checked the message on any device, the notification is removed from your other devices, meaning that you don’t have to deal with duplicate messages. Once you send a message from your device, it’s all up to date.

    Customization: Don’t like the color theme? Change it. Don’t like tiny aspects of your theme? Change them. This gives you full control over your colors, right down to bubble and text colors, all built into a very clean interface using material design.

    Conclusion: What a difference! I honestly didn’t know how much I needed this app until I started using it. Being able to message back with whatever device I’m using is unreal. No more picking up my phone, replying, putting phone down, going back to working on laptop, then picking up phone 10 seconds later to reply to another text. I just do it all from my laptop or tablet, whatever I’m using at the time.

    Other Notes: There are lots of little options that I won’t really get into. They have a great support page on their site if you have issues, and I’ve even had luck troubleshooting by tweeting at their account. Also, messages are encrypted and stored in cloud. Check out their site (https://www.mysms.com) for the finer details. 

    BF's Weekly App: mysms SMS Text Messaging-mysmscollage.png
    Screen shots taken from the Google Play Store listing.

    Price: FREE! Premium model for those interested is $9.99/year. Check out their site for “Premium” features at https://www.mysms.com/premium

    Permissions: There are a lot of permissions needed, so I won’t list them all. However, I will say that they make sense for an app that handles your apps and becomes such an integral part of your device. I imagine these are fairly standard for any third-party messaging app.

    IAPs: I have not come across a single time when I’ve needed an IAP. There is the option to go premium if you’d like those features, but that’s it.

    Find it on Google Play:

    For your Android PHONE:

    For your Android TABLET:

    For your Windows, MacOS or iOS devices, check out their site with links to the downloads at:

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    That sounds useful! I'll keep this in mind for future recommendation.
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    I realize the images are rather small, they can be viewed at the actual Google Play Store listing.
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