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    I'm loving my Samsung Galaxy S6!

    As someone who has always followed the iPhone line starting from 3rd generation to the 5th, I felt that I needed some change and wanted to try the newest Samsung flagship.

    This phone has absolutely impressed me in terms of its camera, its beautiful and crisp screen and its overall look (which is bounds and leaps better looking than the previous Samsung Galaxies, in my opinion). In addition, it has useful features like IR blaster for my TV and heartrate sensor (here's hoping that Samsung Pay reaches us in Canada soon)

    Jumping from iOS to Android made me realize how much more customization options Android phones have. It's incredible how you can change practically everything in the way the phone looks with widgets, themes, icons creating a unique look which was not possible with the iPhone unless it's jailbroken.

    The only two things I can nitpick about is that battery life is a little inconsistent for me as I get 7 hours of on screen time on one day but 4.5 hours on the next (even though I use it just the same). Also I find that the Apple app store has more apps and games that hasn't moved over to Android yet.

    So far though I'm loving the phone so much and I could rave all day about how it's the best phone I've ever used but no phone is perfect (or OS in that matter) so I learn to make the most of it and I have no doubts that the S6 is the BEST phone I've had.
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    06-23-2015 01:59 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central, and the wonderful world of Android! If you want to add some depth to customizing, install a 3rd party launcher like Nova from Play. Almost anything you can think of is changeable.
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    06-23-2015 02:32 PM
  3. what5k's Avatar
    I've always been android myself, but my in-laws have iphones. They never really impressed me, so I got a Droid Turbo. The Turbo was a great phone, and I still miss the massive battery sometimes, but the S6 is a massive improvement. The main reason I switched was the camera.

    The camera on the Turbo had a beefy 21 megapixel resolution but it's slow to capture pictures and the exposure was always hit and miss. With the S6 I almost always get a good picture the first shot, and even in low light it takes good shots. And even when the photo seems too dark, Samsungs auto fix in the gallery does an amazing job of brightening a photo without it looking overdone.

    I'm really glad I made the switch.
    06-23-2015 04:21 PM
  4. razza1987's Avatar
    Haha I literally posted word for word what you just did about the inconsistent battery life of seven hours screen on time one day to 4 or so the next. It is my only gripe with this phone too
    06-23-2015 05:57 PM
  5. MDMcAtee's Avatar
    Glad you are liking your s6.

    I like to compare Iphones to living in a subdivision where all the houses look exactly the same.

    Heck even with the s6 you can be different... I got the Active... lol

    Posted from my Samsung S6 Active
    06-23-2015 06:58 PM

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