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    I am using a Mophie Juice Pack battery case, the power went out, and I needed to charge my pbone, so I flipped the switch on the battery case, anyway, I went to take a picture using flash and this happened, is that normal?

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    06-26-2015 02:42 AM
  2. John Woo1's Avatar
    Its normal the flash wont work while the phone is hot and same with others phones. But itsnt the Mophie case that is causing it, if u think its and can be some buggy app that kept the phone awake. Or u used the phone for long time.
    Click on recent app button and close all, wait 1 min or so and re launch camera.

    Found this "bug" yesterday, while the phone get hot while idling and than closed all apps. Then the phone cooled off. Dont know which app or service kept the phone awake, but closing all apps did the trick.
    06-26-2015 02:58 AM

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