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    Hey there,

    I've spent entirely too much time picking cases over the past couple of months, so I thought I'd try to help others out by at least pointing out some of the stuff I've learned along the way.

    Here are some things to keep in mind when buying cases for your S6/S6 Edge (in no particular order):

    1) Make sure the case is for your model (regular VS Edge).

    2) Make sure the back of the case has some way of protecting the camera. Some cases are thick enough to do it without anything extra. Some provide a lip around the camera. Some have feet in the 4 corners that keep the camera off the surface when placed on back.

    -The majority of good/high quality cases take this into account, but not all. Cheap cases (many on ebay) do not protect the camera at all.

    3) Consider if you want the screen to have some protection. Some cases provide a lip above the screen to protect from falls, etc. Some have partial lips (for example, just the sides, but not the top or bottom) and some have very little lips that will not really protect the case during a fall.

    4) Consider how much drop protection you want. Some thin cases will protect your phone from scratches and bumps, but aren't the best for falls on hard surfaces. Some thick cases will protect your phone from an asteroid. The bulkier the phone, the more protection (typically as a general rule, some will defy the rule).

    -Also note that some cases don't wrap around all 4 sides. Some only wrap around the sides and leave the top and bottom fully exposed.

    5) Exposed buttons or covered buttons? Some people prefer having exposed buttons. This can be for appearance or for the feel of "clicking" the buttons. Some covered buttons do a great job of providing that "click" feeling, but beware of the squishy buttons that do not give that satisfying feeling (if that's important to you).

    6) Covered ports or exposed ports? Most cases seem to have exposed ports and this is totally acceptable for most people. However, if you're prone to getting stuff stuck in your ports (dust, sand, etc), you should know that there are cases which provide port covers. For those that aren't too concerned about that, port covers can become a huge nuisance to deal with every time you want to plug in your phone or headphones, etc.

    7) Materials: This one has many factors, so I'll break it down further.

    7a) Hard or soft material? Soft cases (typically TPU) are usually easier to put on and take off with worrying about any scratches. They provide a soft surface for your hands that can often provide grip (but not always). Hard cases can be more difficult to put on and off, but can still provide protection for your phone once installed.

    7b) Many cases are hybrids; they have both hard and soft surfaces. Many provide a soft surface around the bumper part, which is ideal for putting on and off. They will often have hard material on the back that may wrap around the sides as well. Some hybrids have soft around the entire phone, but add a hard bumper. This can make it more difficult to put on and off. Often, they will require 2 steps: put on soft, then put hard bumper around. If you keep your case on at all times, this shouldn't affect you beyond the initial installation.

    7c) TPU Cautions: TPU is the material used for many soft cases/parts of cases. This is that rubbery material. It works really well and doesn't give much worry of scratching your device. The one downside of TPU is yellowing. This material will naturally break down over time and may start looking yellow. Note that you may never notice it with most colours of cases, but you will likely notice it on white or clear TPU within only a couple of months.

    - I have a white TPU case that is starting to look a bit yellow after less than 2 months. It's not really noticable to most, but I can tell that it has lost that initial white colour.

    -Many cases only use TPU around the bumper portion, with a hard back. It may be a good idea to get something that isn't white or clear around the bumper if it's TPU if this is something that may bother you.

    7d) Clear Case Cautions: Some clear cases will appear to adhere to the back of your phone, which looks like weird spots (bubbles?) on the back. I don't believe this causes any actual damage, but it can be very unappealing from an aesthetic view. Be sure to check reviews. Some of these cases come with a back-glass protector. I haven't tried these, so I'm not sure how effective they are at preventing this 'bubbled' problem.

    8) Wireless charging: Do you wish to use wireless charging with your case? Most cases appear to be compatible, but do your research to confirm if you're concerned.

    9) Where to buy? That's up to you, but consider your options. Many companies allow you to buy from their own website, but will often have their products available through online stores such as Amazon, and they're typically cheaper on Amazon. Just remember to factor in shipping fees that may apply. You can also, of course, find cases in actual stores. Just be sure to not get ripped off by knockoffs if you're buying from random booths in your mall.

    10) Research the case. Some may spend more time than others, but if you're about to drop some money and potentially wait weeks to receive the case and know if it was a good choice, research doesn't hurt.

    -Look at the manufacturer's website (if they have one) to get an idea of all the features, materials, etc.

    -Look at reviews on Amazon listings (and be sure that the specific review is for the same case, as sometimes stores will list more than one type of case in the same listing and make you pick the colour/style).

    -Search for the case on YouTube to see a video review. This can give you a better idea of what it looks like on the phone, rather than just a 3D rendering. It's also good to hear what people have to say.

    11) Other features: I won't cover these in any details, but know that there are some cases with extra things like covers for the front of the phone, holster clips and even kickstands to keep the phone upright while watch video, for example. If these features are important to you, keep an eye our for them.

    I hope this list helps. It may seem like a lot of factors, but knowing the different options will also help you know what you DON'T want in a case, which can be just as helpful. Good luck!!!
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    06-27-2015 11:30 AM
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    Need to also consider whether you want a bumper, cover, skin or rugged case. Sometimes the environment that you are most often a part of. Do you have a tendency to be accident prone? As this the first Galaxy device with aluminum and glass and the fact that full replacement cost can be a bit daunting, I agree that the case should protect the back and have a sufficiently deep cutout for the camera. It should also have a deep enough lip to protect the front display. If not a tempered glass protector might be in order, Zagg or Tech Armor. Additional bulk should be a consideration and needs to be balanced with protection and pocketability. Dust intrusion from being in a pocket is a consideration as well.
    06-27-2015 11:52 AM
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    I simply have the Zagg HDX screen on both the front and back of my S6. No case. I'm hoping that the Zagg in combination with the Gorilla Glass 4 screen, I will have sufficient protection for my $700 investment. Time will tell.
    06-27-2015 12:34 PM
  4. jcp007's Avatar
    I simply have the Zagg HDX screen on both the front and back of my S6. No case. I'm hoping that the Zagg in combination with the Gorilla Glass 4 screen, I will have sufficient protection for my $700 investment. Time will tell.
    Time will tell. Gorilla Glass is still glass. It is shatter resistant, not shatter proof.
    06-27-2015 09:33 PM

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