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    I live in Singapore where it is hard to find tempered glass screen protectors which do not have halo effects. So I did some searching and found these 5 brands which seem to not have any problems and have good reviews, anyone of you have these and can you tell me how it fits and feels?
    DBA Cases
    So far I'm only considering Orzly and iSmooth due to the price and reviews but I've heard mixed opinions on the fit of the iSmooth one, some say it is perfect without any haloing while some post saying that they had haloing and got a refund. I've seen the Orzly one on Youtube and seems like it will not have any halo effects but it's because the glass itself is narrower than the display on the S6. I'm about to order one from Orzly and another one from iSmooth to try out, but I want to hear more of your opinions on these two brands specifically.
    I live in Singapore and it seems like iSmooth and Orzly provide the cheapest product along with the cheapest shipping. Other recommendations are also welcome as long as they cost below USD$30 and ship to Singapore.
    06-28-2015 12:07 AM
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    Get the Zagg glass from AT&T, not best buy as theirs suffers from a halo, I have put on three Zaggs from AT&T all without issue .

    Sorry it's 3am and realized after suggesting att the Singapore scenario ha-ha

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    06-28-2015 02:00 AM
  3. sfla99's Avatar

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    06-28-2015 02:04 AM
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    What halo effect exactly? I just bought something off Amazon for 15 and I love it WAY more than any other protector I've been.

    Galaxy S6 Screen Protector, amFilm Tempered Glass (Front) and PET (... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UH8KKA0/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_vxeKvbDN2Y1S8

    This is the protector I bought, cheap, and I haven't noticed any kind of issues with it. I'm just not sure if they ship to Singapore is all.
    06-28-2015 02:02 PM
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    I've got Neomemos on mine (see attachment). It's very clear, fingerprint resistant and no noticeable reduction in conductivity.
    My wife got mine from TaoBao.

    It comes with:
    cleaning wipes (wet and dry)
    Stickers to remove any dust particles
    a jig to make sure it fits squarely on the screen.

    It's so much better than those ones that have that pixelating (maybe the halo you mentioned) effect.

    It's very nice.
    Attached Thumbnails Tempered glass screen protector without halo effect recommendations and opinions for S6-screenprotect.jpg  
    07-03-2015 11:53 PM

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