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    I have been happy with the S6 around home traveling within my local area the battery and system has been good to great.

    I just returned from a three week trip around the U.S. mostly in 3G and 4G land. I did not change power setting and adjust anything for extended battery life on my phone. I have not had a reason until now.

    By the time I got to the first airport battery percentage was already in the 80 % range. By the time I landed I was in desperate need of a charge. I made a mistake and did not bring my Samsung charger so recharging went slow the entire trip. In Short I turned the phone off when not in use to save the battery. I did not have time to look and see what was draining the battery so fast and not sure I woulld have been able to determine what it was.

    In short take your quick charger and I guess try airplane mode if your battery drains like mine did.
    07-01-2015 03:02 PM
  2. eao1991's Avatar
    Portable battery chargers are great for those times you'll be away from an outlet for an extended period of time.
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    07-01-2015 03:22 PM
  3. cbreze's Avatar
    Or hit local,wal-mart,target,best buy etc and pick up a wall charger for cheap. Best charger I ever had I got at target for $15 several years ago. Still use it to charge my S6 overnite.
    07-01-2015 04:08 PM
  4. stevelam's Avatar
    I took my S6 to Europe for two weeks and it was absolutely horrible in battery life to the point where it would not even last a day unless i used a portable charger constantly. my wifes iphone 6 outlasted my s6 each and every day.
    07-01-2015 04:42 PM
  5. 1dtb's Avatar
    My wife is going to Montreal next week, I will see what her experience is with her iPhone. I cant see changing to a iPhone yet.

    Why are these smart phones so dumb when it comes to battery life? My S6 does nothing better than my two year old phone it replaced, my apps work the same and wifi speeds are controlled by the wireless company. I see no need for a flagship phone.
    07-01-2015 05:13 PM

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