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    Rearth Ringke Slim
    Rearth Galaxy S6 Case - Ringke SLIM Case [All Around Protection]Full Top and Bottom Coverage Premium Dual Coated Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 - ECO Package : GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge

    Case Review: Rearth Ringke Slim-img_5496.jpg

    Quick thoughts: This is a VERY minimal case. It works perfectly with my wireless charger (pics included). It is somewhat difficult to take off.

    Protection: This case does not offer much protection, other than from basic bumps and scratches. There is no lip around the screen and it is thin, hard plastic that probably won't absorb much. There is a lip on the back that will protect the camera lens, but if using the phone on its back on a hard surface, the phone will wiggle due to an uneven back.

    Craftsmanship: This case fits like a glove and all ports are lined up perfectly. The buttons are exposed.

    Colour: I chose the crystal clear colour to go along with the idea of this case being very minimal and enhancing the phone hardware. The entire case is hard plastic, so I am not worried about any TPU yellowing like other cases.

    Included: Case, back protector to prevent visual bubbling, screen protector.

    Case Review: Rearth Ringke Slim-img_5487.jpgCase Review: Rearth Ringke Slim-img_5488.jpgCase Review: Rearth Ringke Slim-img_5490.jpgCase Review: Rearth Ringke Slim-img_5491.jpgCase Review: Rearth Ringke Slim-img_5492.jpgCase Review: Rearth Ringke Slim-img_5493.jpgCase Review: Rearth Ringke Slim-img_5494.jpgCase Review: Rearth Ringke Slim-img_5495.jpgCase Review: Rearth Ringke Slim-img_5499.jpg
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    07-01-2015 05:50 PM
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    Honestly not a fan. Thanks very much for your review.

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    07-01-2015 09:15 PM

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