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    I am having the worst time with my new Samsung Galaxy S6 on Verizon. I live in a very Verizon dominated area (Port Angeles, WA) and my previous phone was a Samsung Note II which I never had a problem with at all.

    Since day one, during normal phone calls, the person on the other end will stop being able to hear me, as if the mic is muted. It lasts 20-30 seconds normally and can happen multiple times during a single call. Most people just hang up thinking they've lost the connection but some folks have gotten used to it with me and just wait it out. Meanwhile I'm sitting there on the other end saying "hello, hello, hello, can you hear me now?" waiting for them to be able to hear me again. I can hear them the whole time.

    To preempt any quick judgments; this happens to all different callers, landlines and cell. I have excellent reception during the calls and am in the same places I'd always used my Note II with the same carrier (Verizon) calling the same people. I've worked through this with people on tech support for Verizon and Samsung and have made zero progress. We've done factory resets, network resets, phone app resets....

    After getting nowhere with customer support they mailed me a new S6 figuring it was a problem with that phone. Right out of the box, same problem! I'm now running the phone in safe mode which seems to be having some effect on the problem. Instead of dropping the mic all together, the person on the other end says "your fading out" and then there is a couple second pause and the conversation returns to normal after a couple "can you hear me now"'s.

    Needless to say this has been very disruptive to me and caused a lot of stress and embarrassment as I've been trying to negotiate business phone calls and explaining I have phone issues and can't have a normal conversation. I wish I'd never upgraded my phone and I think my next step will be to return it and go back to my old phone vs paying $500 for a phone that I can't have a conversation on.

    Any help would be very welcome, and thank you for your time!

    07-02-2015 01:55 PM

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