1. anon(9099462)'s Avatar
    The purpose of this thread is to help Android users discover new apps. For gamers to discover new games, for news readers to find a new news app, for those who like to customize their phone can find new icon packs, widgets, etc.

    I for example like to add apps that help me use my phone in a more simple way, keep it simple but yet have a great amount of functionality. I have apps such as Popup Widget which allows me to turn my widgets into shortcuts and only have them visible when I need them or want to use them. Flynx is another of those apps that I recently found out about which allows me to open links from say Twitter in the background without actually leaving the Twitter app. Drupe is another app that I really like because it gives the regular S6 the same funtion the S6 Edge has with the edge but with more functionality. Apps like Pushbullet which let me send pictures that I take from my camera that are on my Surface directly to my phone without using any wires.

    Use this thread to help others discover new apps, old apps, useful apps, games, etc. And let's keep it friendly.
    07-03-2015 12:48 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    I could fill the whole thread up in one post - if someone asks a question about an app I don't know about, I'll install it to see what they're talking about, and usually forget to uninstall it. I always back up any app before I uninstall it, so I have close to 1,000 apps backed up to my hard drive and about 300 in the phone right now. Nothing monumental though - A few different cameras, some SD utilities, File managers (ES and Total Commander are each good for different things), Office Suite, Nova Launcher, of course, an app for my local cable TV company and another one for my VoIP home phone. A few technical apps - signal measuring apps, both phone and wifi, Shark for Root, a terminal and the Hacker's Keyboard, SwiftKey as my normal keyboard and KeePass for passwords.
    07-03-2015 01:18 PM

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