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    I need help with group messaging on my Galaxy S6. I had an IPhone 4s for two years and then I decided to switch to Android. So, I turned off I message on my 4S, took out the sim card (so I lose my number) and erased all the memory on the phone (So I can use it as an Ipod Touch.) So I got my new phone and everything was great but, I cant get group messaging to work. This Is What Happens, I can text (directly) and call, but I cant group message. My friends see my messages. But I cant see theirs. And i tried everything I could think of. I tried Verizon's Message + and it didn't work. Then I downloaded Textra, Go SMS pro, Groupme and mysms. None of them solved my problem. I cant find any problem like this on the internet. Does anyone think they can help me?
    07-03-2015 06:08 PM

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