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    I bought this Power Bank, it says on the front of the box "Fast Charger 2A Input", and Dual USB 2.1 & 1A Output Ports, would it be okay to use the 2.1A USB Output Port to charge my phone, or will it harm it? Also you think it would quick charge my phone like the Adapter does?

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    07-03-2015 11:49 PM
  2. John Woo1's Avatar
    It's safe to use it. It won't charge as fast as the adaptive fast charger that comes along with S6, since it's doesn't have Qualcomm quick charge 2.0

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    07-04-2015 01:59 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    You can use a 2,000 Amp charger or power bank to charge your phone. The phone draws what it's designed to draw, the rating on the power bank is just how much it's capable of supplying. Current doesn't get pushed into the phone based on that rating. (Your house is a 200 Amp "power bank) but a 100 Watt light bulb still only draws about 1 Amp [if you have 110 Volt electricity - half an Amp in 240 Volt countries].)
    07-04-2015 08:28 PM
  4. LucaManfrin320's Avatar
    I have tried at least 4/5 powerbank .. most lost their usefulness after a couple of months .. I finally bought the EasyAcc Solar .. I leave the link if it can be useful
    10-19-2015 09:28 PM

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