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    Just upgraded my wife's phone to the S6 from Verizon Wireless. She had an S4 previously.
    Problem is with the stock android email app on this phone: On the S4 when she would save an email it would save it to the "Saved email" folder. She could then open the saved emails in that folder and it would have any attachment saved with the email. She could then open the attachment if she wished.

    The S6 email app allows her to save an email, but the options menu says it will save the email as a FILE. When accessing these saved emails she discovered only the text of the email was saved. The attachments are not saved with the emails.

    This is a completely ridiculous and stupid change by Samsung or Google, whichever is the one who is responsible for that app. I am surprised other users have not complained about this, I did not see anything about this on the 'net when searching.

    My wife uses this phone for business and needs to access the attachments in the emails her clients send her. I understand she can save the attachments to the phone, but they go into a location in the "My Files" on the phone. It is a lot easier to access an email from a client, be able to read what they sent, and then open the attachment from within that email. If she has to save the emails and attachments separately there is nothing to link the two together and she would have to do what I think is many unnecessary steps to access both things.

    Does anyone know of a fix for this? I would prefer to use the stock email app, but if Samsung/Google made it too stupid and inefficient to do things in a realistic manner we will go with another email app, such as the K9 app she used when the stock email app stopped working at all after a year of use on an old Droid she had.
    07-04-2015 02:10 PM
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    Go With Type Mail. It's the best email app. S6 stock email app does not save attachments when saving emails-uploadfromtaptalk1436039283472.jpg

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    07-04-2015 02:48 PM

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