1. David McKenzie1's Avatar
    Hello! I was hoping somebody here would be able to help with an issue I'm currently experiencing with my S6.

    My phone ran out of battery so I put it on charge, as normal. Upon returning to my phone 30 minutes later it was on a bright, light blue / green screen that said "Factory Mode" in the top left corner and "Downloading - Do Not Turn Off Target" in the centre. I left this for an hour as I couldn't do anything, and it is still the same? Can't even turn the device off, or on.

    Can anybody please advise. I've not even had the phone a month, only have a handful of social media apps and last used it to take photos.


    Phone ran out of battery again. Rebooted after a charge and it is fine. Strange.

    07-05-2015 01:03 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Hi David, welcome to Android Central! Glad everything is fine now with your phone. Try to avoid discharging your battery completely, that could give you some problems. Report back if you find out what happened, it could be helpful for other people having the same issue.
    07-05-2015 05:15 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Don't let the battery run out. 40% is about as low as you should let it go.

    2. If it's at 0, the first hour or two is pre-charging - the battery isn't being charged yet. If it goes from 0 to a large charge indication quickly, the battery is bad. But to make sure, leave it on the charger at least overnight tonight.
    07-05-2015 05:52 PM

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