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    I just bought a Galaxy S6 yesterday from T-Mobile. The rep suggested I use the Smart Switch app to transfer content from my S4 to the S6. She promised it would take about 10 minutes to transfer everything. The process started around 4:45 and by 5pm the phone said it transferred 100% and the S6 phone said "saving" and the lookout app started popping up saying apps were fine.

    By 5:30pm the S6 app still said 'saving' and the S4 died. By this point all apps and photos had transferred but no app data (nothing is logged in) and no text messages. I took the phone home and let it keep running. The app still says "saving" but still no text messages or app data are in the phone it's been 17.5 hours, how much longer should this process take?

    I should note there were about 11,000 text messages in 189 conversations pre-transfer.
    07-06-2015 11:15 AM

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