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    First, the only notifications I have turned on, on my phone are for Gmail, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Text Messages, PlayStation App, and Twitter, are the only notifications I have enabled, I am receiving Notifications for every single App I mentioned, except the Facebook App itself. Every time I get a notification on my phone from Facebook, it never goes to my watch, and Notifications is turned on or enabled in the Facebook App, why is that? Also where can I buy different adjustable straps? I had to get the brown leather, because Best Buy was out of the black. I do not know if you can see it, but there is an open area on the back of the watch, on the edge, is that supposed to be there?

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    07-09-2015 05:22 AM
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    You can get different straps from Best Buy and Amazon. I got the Pebble Steel band for my Moto 360 for $20. It even comes with the tools needed to replace the strap.
    07-09-2015 03:43 PM

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