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    Before today my phone was working great. Yes it had gotten to be a little slower than when I got it in May but it was no big deal. Today I woke up and it said a photo sharing cable was plugged in and there was nothing plugged into it. So I restarted my phone and then it wouldn't keep any app open for more than 5 seconds and it would exit out of it and didn't let me use the back button but the left one and the home button still worked. It also keeps saying the dock is connected when it isn't and when I tried charging it it kept not charging after a couple of seconds. Restarted again and this problem continued and then my phone said it was overheating but it wasn't even hot and it would turn off and now every time I turn on the phone within 5 minutes it says it is overheating and shuts down but it is cool as a cucumber
    07-23-2015 07:41 PM

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