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    Dear Senior Members and developers/experts,

    I need your urgent help regarding the issue of mobile data that I am facing in recent days. Please see the pic as attached. My device info is also attached for your information. I am using Galaxy S6 DuOS and facing the mobile data problem. When I select GSM Only (2G) (Attachment 2), my mobile data is all right. Sim 2 selected GSM all time (Attachment 3) with no problem. I am using mobile data from Sim 1. When I select WCDMA/GSM (3G/2G), my mobile data HSUPA showing connected but no internet connection and emergency calls only appears (Attachment 4). And lastly UMTS and mobile network state disconnected (Attachment 5). Please note that my IMEI 2 is not valid according to IMIE.info and mobile info application. I have the mobile data available when I purchased but after OTA update, this problem occurs. THen I flash sam firmware but no improvement. Any solution regarding this will be appreciable. Thanks.

    Product Code: SM-G920FZKUXEF
    Original CSC code: XEF
    Active CSC code: XEF
    PDA version: G920FXXU2BOGE
    CSC version: G920FOXA2BOG8
    Baseband version: G920FXXU2BOGE
    Android version: 5.1.1
    Mobile operator: GrameenPhone, BGD BL / 47001, 47003Attachment 189501
    Attached Thumbnails Galaxy S6 (SM - G920FD) Mobile Data Issue/Problem-1._device_info.jpg   Galaxy S6 (SM - G920FD) Mobile Data Issue/Problem-2._edge_connected_-gsm_only-.jpg   Galaxy S6 (SM - G920FD) Mobile Data Issue/Problem-3._gsm_only_sim_2.jpg   Galaxy S6 (SM - G920FD) Mobile Data Issue/Problem-4._hspa_-wcdmagsm-_emergency_call_only.jpg   Galaxy S6 (SM - G920FD) Mobile Data Issue/Problem-5._umts_disconnected_call__msg__mobile_data.jpg  

    08-01-2015 12:19 AM

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