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    Yesterday my Verizon Galaxy S6 was lagging so I tried restarting it...

    When it tried to boot the Android screen loaded as usual, but thats it. It never made it to the Verizon screen and the screen stayed black with the blue light on at the top right of the device. No matter what I tried (safe mode, cache wipe, factory reset..) the device wouldn't come back. I'm able to access the menus via [pwr + home + volume] but after resetting or rebooting the device goes back to android screen then black with blue light.

    I stopped by BestBuy today and spoke to the Samsung rep who said it just needed a hard reset with a binary code update... I thought he was going to do the same factory reset method I used but instead he loaded a backup os off his laptop. This didnt work either and the device is still stuck unable to boot except now the android screen says custom with a unlocked padlock icon. The Samsung rep said he's never seen a device do this and advised me to either call 1800SAMSUNG or travel 2 hours to Atlanta to the Samsung service center.

    I can't seem to find anything online that's similar to this problem and I'd rather not send my device off for repair or travel.

    Even more so I'm worried the Samsung rep made the problem look like a root attempt gone bad.

    Can anyone recommended any troubleshooting tips or steps to get my device back? It's a 64Gb Verizon S6 with the most recent android update and its never been rooted... Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!
    08-01-2015 03:42 AM
  2. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    First thing first, boot into recovery mode and check your Knox counter. Make sure it's still 0x0000. If not, immediately return or call that best buy back and explain what the rep done, and tell them he tripped the Knox counter which VOIDS your warranty with Samsung.

    Was this a BB employee or was this a Samsung rep at the BB store?

    Next you can head on over to All Things GS6 Thread and try to use Odin to reflash your phone with stock firmware. There is a guide in the thread on how to do it. Any question, just ask.
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    08-01-2015 07:04 AM
  3. wwymd's Avatar
    I originally thought he worked for Samsung but now I'm not sure. He was running a Samsung only section of the store and wore a Samsung shirt. He seemed fairly knowledgeable when he was troubleshooting the phone yet he didn't fix it and possibly made the problem worse.

    I'm checking the Knox counter now and if its intact I'll make sure to follow up on your advice with flashing the firmeare. I'm not familiar with the process but hopefully I'll find a guide online.

    Thanks for the advice dumpedduce!
    08-01-2015 11:44 AM
  4. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    Yea, he was the Samsung rep then. Weird that he tried flashing it in store, haven't heard of any of them doing that yet.

    My thread has a guide on everything you need to download to step by step directions. Any other questions, feel free to ask me here or in my thread.

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    08-01-2015 11:57 AM
  5. wwymd's Avatar
    I reluctantly called Verizon and to my amazement after a 20 minute conversation they agreed to ship me a new OEM replacement S6. Typically the Verizon support is a nightmare ... I'm so happy! Thanks again for your help.
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    08-01-2015 12:47 PM
  6. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    NP. Glad they worked something out for you.

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    08-01-2015 12:48 PM

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