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    So last night I went to bed with 90% battery and just 6 hrs later I get up to only 50%. I normally lose 3-5% overnight if I leave it off the charger and WiFi still turned on. Total screen on time was under 30min and that brought me to 90% before bed. I just did a partition wipe less than 24 hrs before hand. I haven't changed any settings or installed an update within the last few weeks either. Cell standby was up to 42% and is normally in no more than half that for me. Any ideas?

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    08-05-2015 09:48 PM
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    Might be worth reading here :-
    How to Find the Root Cause of Your Android Battery Problems
    Extract :-
    Your Android phone has three states: Awake with screen on (when you’re using it), Awake with screen off (when it’s performing actions in the background), and Sleeping.

    When you’re not using your phone or tablet, you want it to remain in sleep mode as much as possible. Sleep mode consumes very little battery.

    However, your phone can’t stay in the sleep state all of the time. Apps that need to perform actions in the background use partial wakelocks to keep the phone awake while performing the action. Any app that needs to do anything in the background – Gmail receiving new mail, a music player playing music with the phone’s screen off, or the Contacts app synchronizing your contacts – all use partial wakelocks to keep the phone awake.
    08-05-2015 10:10 PM

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