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    I have the mystery black dot on my selfie cam. Samsung customer service guy says it sounds like a bleeding screen that could get worse. They want me to send it back to get repaired... Free shipping both ways. So a few dumb questions... He told me to remove sim card tray. He said I can take it to the carrier and they will remove for me. So would I have to take it back to them to put back in?? How does that work on a phone with no removable back?? Then he told me how to back up my phone via a PC. Is that the best/easiest way? Then how do I reinstall it all back once I get the phone back??? Sorry I never had to do this before.

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    08-08-2015 12:21 PM
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    Assuming your S6 takes a sim card you can remove and replace your sim yourself like any other phone just by using the little key supplied with your phone, just insert it in the small hole on the top edge for S6 edge and on right hand side for std S6 and the sim card tray will pop out, remove sim and replace tray

    You should back up your S6 to your PC using Smart switch app from Samsung, just DL and follow instructions etc, also use synch to your gmail/Samsung account from the phone settings

    Factory reset the device from settings to erase all personal data and send the phone away to be repaired etc

    When you receive it back insert sim restore your smart switch saved file, re synch accounts type in passwords etc for accounts and reorganise your apps icons
    08-08-2015 03:38 PM
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    Thanks!! I did do some research and saw about smart switch and I did do that.... Transferred to another device. I will have to see if my phone has a sim card. Thanks!!

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    08-08-2015 04:22 PM
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    Look in your manual eg:

    send phone back-171372d1428960247t-sim-card-tray-will-not-open-simcard.jpg
    08-08-2015 10:38 PM
  5. kittysback's Avatar
    I looked in the box the phone came in and the tool was there. Thanks!

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    08-09-2015 06:20 AM

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