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    So I downloaded Asphalt 8 the other day just to see how one of the more graphically demanding games would run on the S6 and I was quite dissapointed with the performance. It's playable but definitely feels sub 30fps, I had to dowgrade the graphics from high to medium for it to get smooth which is rather dissapointing considering it's supposed to be one of the faster android phones. But hey, mabye the game is just badly optimized.

    Still, to see if everything was in order I downloaded the GFXbench app and I have a small question that I hope other people that have used the app might be bale to answer. Is it normal that running all the tests at once results in bad performance?.
    What I mean is that I pressed the "start all" button which makes it run one test after another and the results I got are way below the average shown for the S6.
    GFXBench Result-lr2x8sr.jpg

    But if I do the tests one at a time and wait a minute or so for the phone to cool down in-between tests (it gets quite hot with some of these) I get much better results (pretty much in line with the S6 average shown in the app or even better).

    GFXBench Result-f0y6s3u.jpg

    Is that normal?
    08-10-2015 11:24 AM

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