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    So I've noticed this mainly when i'm playing music on my google play app. I'll have the album list view up where it lists all the songs. I click a song I want to play then I hit the lock button (power button) and go to place my phone in my pocket, but this involves me putting my thumb on the screen. Every single time, it changes the song because i'm assuming the screen is still active for a little bit after i lock the phone, and my thumb is clicking a new song. Perhaps the animation isn't all the way completed? I feel like i give it enough time to lock before i touch the screen. Its definitely black by the time my thumb touches the screen.

    Anyone else ever experience anything like this?

    EDIT: I just tested this to be sure. It looks like the animation that swipes out to the sides turning the screen black wasn't all the way completed and the screen is still very much active during this animation.

    I tried opening apps etc but it doesn't seem to work like that and only seems to work within apps.
    08-10-2015 01:55 PM

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