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    I am feeling a little silly about pisting this question, I have the Galaxy S6 so far so good, no real problems or complaints. There is a feature that I had on my S3 and S5 but appears it is not on the S6. In my previous Galaxy S phones in the calendar app that comes preloaded I could add a stckers, symbols, emoticons to a specific date. For example I could put a dog on July 1 if I had a vet appointment, or a birthday cake for a birthday. I could open my calendar there was a dog or birthday cake sticker, symbol, emoticon on that date. It didn't matter what keyboard I was using, I have always used SwiftKey. If I switch to the Samsung keyboard I can access symbols, stickers, emoticons, not really sure what to call them and they can be added to information on the calendar that will show up below the calendar in a box but not on the actual calendar, anything that get put on the calendar just leaves a dot below the date. What happened to this feature? If this feature has been eliminated is there another calendar available that has this feature. I know to most it's probably just a silly little feature. My phone is current with all the lollipop updates. I am not tech savvy which I am sure is very obvious.
    08-18-2015 05:19 PM

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