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    coming from a nexus 5.

    the battery life is better on the s6. I really like the wireless charging a lot. the triangle pad on amazon is not very good, it registers partially all the time. the rectangle one much better.

    i snapped a very quick comparison in low light vs g4. the s6 has faster and better focus in low light. if you familiar with photography, focus issues trump all other camera aspects. much better than n5 camera. double press home to camera is really useful to me.

    g4 form factor was just too large for my 5ft tall SO’s hands. we went with the s6. with a medium thickness case quality case, the overwall handling and feel is very nice. comfortable in my front pockets. I don’t think g4 with case would have faired as well.

    The hardware buttons work fine compared to the soft buttons of the n5.

    OS wise, the pure android n5 is better imo. Even after disabling all the VZ bloatware, samung’s own modification to android is meh.. The phone does stutter and slow sometimes during heavy loads. My n5 seemed faster, smoother and less stutter prone even with the older hardware.

    I dont’ game on the phone

    Screen is pretty, but i’m not the biggest fan of oled and it’s super saturated colors. I like the screen to edge ratio of the phone.

    the fingerprint reader was troublesome. so i re added my finger with different angles and positions. it works much better now.

    overall am happy with the phone. the camera and battery upgrades alone make the phone worthwhile to me.
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    08-20-2015 01:59 PM
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    Thanks for your thoughts!
    08-20-2015 02:57 PM

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