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    The Galaxy S6 is my first android device so i have quite a few questions about using it and android. I am coming from a Nokia device. I am sorry in advance if some of the questions are trivial to some. I will appreciate if everyone will answer the topics they know best

    1) Photos - I have transferred some photos to the device via usb, and I have others in my OneDrive account. I have installed OneDrive app, but the pictures there don’t appear in the Gallery app. Also – the Photos app (Googles app) show the photos from Picasa that I haven’t thought about in years, but it also doesn't shoe the pictures from OneDrive and the pictures that are on my device aren’t shown in the main view as well – I have to switch to "Device folders" to see them. I am a Windows user and I use OneDrive for cloud storage. Taking that into consideration, how can I see all my images in one place (those I have transferred to my device, those that are in OneDrive and those that I take with the phone)?
    2) Contacts - I have copied my contacts from my old phone via Bluetooth to this device and then I used the "Move device contacts to" option in the contacts app and choose the Samsung Account option to back them up. But what if I decide to switch to a non-Samsung device? How do I take the contacts from Samsung Account and at least copy them to Google account?
    3) Regarding device backup – I don't want to constantly think about backing it up manually via Smart Switch. So what exactly does automatic backup option - the "Back up my data" option under "Google account" in the "backup and reset" section in settings back (does it back up all contacts, pictures that are on the device, music that's on the device and so on)?
    And what does the "Back up my data" option under "Samsung account" back up that the google back up doesn't, and is it also auto back up like the google option, or is it manual like the Smart Switch back up?
    Bottom line – what do I need to do on the device so it gets automatically backed up without me having to perform manual backups?
    3.5) Depending on the answer to question 3 – if the default auto back (auto sync) methods don't backup photos automatically, should I activate the auto back up of the camera roll? And if so =- which is better on android – the auto back to OneDrive or the auto back up to Google Photos?
    4) Music – after I have already copied via usb my entire music library to the device, what is the smart way (the preferred "Android way") to add new songs to my device from my PC? I was thinking about coping them to OneDrive and them on the device using the File Explorer to copy them to the music folder or to use the SideSync application to copy the files straight to the music folder.
    But is there a better way to utilize android so the songs on my PC are automatically added to my library?
    Note: the album art isn’t showing on a lot of songs in the Google Music app so I am using the Samsung Music app instead. I also like it better. And the Google Music service isn’t available where I live.
    5) What is the best way to copy stuff from my phone to my PC and vice versa? Initially I was connecting it via usb and OneDrive but then I found about SideSync and it works when I want to copy stuff from my PC to the phone but despite what's advertised, I can't copy from the phone to the PC using that app. Has anyone managed to do it and how? And also, is there a more advanced (aka, easier) "Android way" to do so?
    6) Is it ok to clean the screen of the device with baby wipes? They are damp and I am concerned about liquid getting close to the start button.
    7) Any other tips to an Android nubbie will be appreciated. (I am not going to root the phone so tips about rooting aren’t necessary).
    08-26-2015 05:50 PM
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    Sorry to be short but check YouTube for some videos on the s6
    08-26-2015 06:34 PM
  3. darky123's Avatar
    That's an irrelevant answer - those things aren't answered by watching generic videos.
    08-27-2015 05:13 PM
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    1) As far as I know you can only view onedrive photos via the app but you can dl photos to your device if needed. I think some 3rd party photo apps allow you to view cloud photos via the app
    2) I think you can back up contacts via Samsung and Google. I personally have my contacts on my Microsoft account and the phone takes them from that.
    3) Your Google account backs up all your apps and anything connected to your Google account (so music through Google play, photos etc.) I think the Samsung back up is contacts, WiFi etc.
    3.5) Depending on the answer to question 3 – I use auto back up via Google photos, one drive and Dropbox. I have it set only to back up via WiFi and when the device is charging
    4) Music – I used Google play music (you can upload your music collection to that). You can also use amazon music and I think Google drive also allows you to store music
    5) I use smart switch but it's pretty crap compared to Kies which was the old software. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't
    6) Yes
    7) Switch from Touchwiz to Nova Launcher as soon as possible

    Hope this helps

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    08-27-2015 05:49 PM

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