1. darky123's Avatar
    I have transferred some photos to the device via usb, and I have others in my OneDrive account. I have installed OneDrive app, but the pictures there don’t appear in the Gallery app. Also – the Photos app (Google's app) show the photos from Picasa that I haven’t thought about in years, but it also doesn't show the pictures from OneDrive and the pictures that are on my device aren’t shown in the main view as well – I have to switch to "Device folders" to see them. I am a Windows user and I use OneDrive for cloud storage. Taking that into consideration, how can I review all my images in one place (those I have transferred to my device, those that are in OneDrive and those that I take with the phone)?
    08-27-2015 01:44 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Unless you sync your pictures to OneDrive and use OneDrive to see your gallery, not much you can do. You can send the suggestion to the OneDrive app team to add a 'unified' Main view like Photos does (showing both pictures in the cloud and in your device from a single view).
    08-27-2015 02:25 PM
  3. edubb256's Avatar
    I use a product called Dropsync, which automatically provides two way sync between dropbox and my phone. I keep all my photos in Dropbox and this also lets me view all photos in Gallery. Simple and works flawlessly. The same developer has a product call Onesync that works with Onedrive. Maybe that will work for you.
    SpookDroid likes this.
    08-27-2015 04:08 PM

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