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    My 14-year-old son wants to add my (Dad’s) gmail account to Mom’s phone so that he can use her phone to switch back and forth between different villages of Clash of Clans (which game allows only one village per Google account).

    We’d like to know if doing so would switch my wife’s Gmail app over to my (Dad’s) gmail account, every time our son used Mom’s phone to log into my Google account. Is that clear?

    In other words, does Android support multiple apps running multiple Google accounts simultaneously, or when you log into one account, does that force all apps to use that account, until you logout and log into another account?

    Clear as mud?
    09-01-2015 11:10 PM
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    Welcome to the Forum!

    afaik, there are no such options on the S6.
    On my tablet I can create multiple user accounts and can quickly switch between them.

    You can add more Google accounts to your device under 'Accounts' in your settings.

    From what I gathered, your only intention for doing this is for Clash of Clans? I don't know of an easy solution to your problem.

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    09-02-2015 08:55 AM
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    You can add mulitple Google accounts. I have my own account for apps, backups, etc. But I have a family account set up specifically so I can sync contacts and calendars across all devices w/o having my own personal google account on all of them.
    You can do what you are asking in Clash of Clans, but it's connected via Google Games. So it takes a few steps. Once in Clash of Clans, you sign in to sync your progress. It will then ask for your Google Games account. Since there would be two Google accounts on your phone, you would have to choose the one you want to play with.
    When he wants to switch, it gets more tricky. I thought you could just click on the Gears/settings button in the lower right-hand corner and click on the google Games disconnect button and then connect again and choose the other account. However, that kept me right where I was in the current progress of my game on my original Google Games account, just swapping the Google account (which means that my other google account would then most likely have this save state now too).
    The only other way I can think is to close Clash of Clans, hit multi-task to ensure it's shut down, go into settings and Application Manager and find Clash of Clans, then wipe cache/app data. Then open Clash of Clans back again, this time Sign In in by choosing the other Google Play account.
    Not convenient, but it's the only way I could find to do it.

    EDIT: One other note - if you add the other account to the phone, everything Google will automatically sync, including Gmail, calendar, contacts, Hangouts, Google+, etc. You will have to go into Settings, Accounts and click on the other Google accounts and turn them all off in the Sync section. However, the Google account can still be seen and accessed in Hangouts, Drive, Photos, etc.
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    09-02-2015 11:58 AM
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    justafew and Lourens Van Der Westhuizen, thank you both for your time and thoughtful answers! It seems difficult enough that we just won't do it. That's not what we were hoping for, but that IS an answer, and that does help! Again, thanks!

    - Bob Enyart
    Real Science Radio
    09-04-2015 08:53 AM

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